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Speaker Among at the funeral service of counsel Ramathan Waiswa

Busoga Elders Condemn NUP's Mufumbiro over Wild Utterances on Speaker Among

by KP
posted onApril 8, 2024

Busoga cultural leaders have condemned the behaviour and utterances of NUP Deputy Spokesperson, Alex Waiswa Mufumbiro on Speaker Anita Among as uncivilized and unruly. 

In a statement signed by the Mugwisa Mwamadi, the 3rd Prime Minister of the Bugweri Chiefdom, 30 cultural leaders from different chiefdoms that form the greater Busoga Kingdom have apologized to Speaker Among over the uncouth, derogatory and disrespectful utterances made by Mufumbiro during the burial ceremony of counsel Ramathan Waiswa, the brother of Hon Abdu Katuntu, Bugweri County MP last week. 

Waiswa and his driver, Ronald Waiswa perished in a road accident along Pallisa-Kumi Road last Wednesday.

"We the ministers, abamagombolola (sub-county chiefs in cultural) and clan leaders of Bugweri Chiefdom we take our sincere apology on the statement made by Alex Waiswa Mufumbiro during the burial of counsel Waiswa Ramathan. We would like to condemn it with the strongest terms possible as Obwa Menyha we respect and embrace all leaders irrespective of their tribes, sex, Age among others," the statement reads. 

NUP's Mufumbiro at the burial ceremony
NUP's Mufumbiro at the burial ceremony 

During the burial ceremony in Butende village, Buyanga sub-county, Bugweri District, NUP's Mufumbiro left mourners in shock when he disgraced the final send-off of Katuntu's brother by delving into cheap politicking and attacking the Speaker. Instead of condoling with the bereaved family who expected a warm shoulder of comfort and love, Mufumbiro disregarded mourners and engaged in divisive political talks saying, the people of Busoga want Kadaga as Speaker and without substantiating his utterances, Mufumbiro said Among should stop fighting the former Speaker. 

The mourners who included cultural, religious and political leaders of different political affiliations turned cold and disgusted by Mufumbiro's utterances in the presence of Speaker Among who was the chief mourner.

The clan leaders in their letter are now seeking to meet the Speaker in person to tender their apology. 

"We as Obwa Menyha thank you [Speaker Among] for honouring Abagweri and we would like to thank you towards the construction of the Bugweri Muslim district headquarters where you contributed 100,000,000ugx.
As ministers, Abamagombolola, and clan leaders we are therefore seeking an appointment and a visit to you so that we relay our apology before you face to face as a delegation from Obwa Menhya wa Bugweri with over 30 people including Ministers," the letter reads. 

Despite the provocative statements from Mufumbiro, Speaker Among, exercised political maturity and refrained from responding to his wild allegations, calling for respect of the bereaved family.

"We are one people, let's leave issues of politics. For us, we are honourable politicians, we know where to do politics from and we shall do it perfectly without intimidation," Among said, before pledging Shs100m to the Bugweri Muslim community towards the construction of their headquarters.

A statement from Bugweri Chiefdom apologizing to the Speaker
A statement from Bugweri Chiefdom apologizing to the Speaker

However, the former Leader of Opposition and current Commissioner of Parliament, Hon Mathias Mpuuga had no sweet words for one of his own-Mufumbiro. Mpuuga told off Mufumbiro that NUP is founded on civil and mature leadership and rebuked him for being a "joker" in leadership.

"My deputy spokesperson, Waiswa, we are gentlemen and we know how to handle very serious issues, we don't bring such issues to such gatherings. There is a reason why we have leaders and servants. Leadership is not for jokers, it is for very serious people," Mpuuga said before receiving thunderous applause from the mourners.

Not even Abdu Katuntu spared Mufumbiro during the burial ceremony. He said he was disappointed with him for turning his brother's funeral into a political rally.

"I gave you the microphone so that you can honour your brother whom you grew up and studied with, but you have dishonoured him. Let us respect the late and his family, we shall not speak such language at his funeral," Katuntu said.

Mufumbiro's utterances also disturbed the mourners, including some NUP elders and many of them walked out in shame.

"It is painful that someone drove all the way from Kampala to come here and settle political scores. I thought we are here to grieve with the family of counsel Waiswa. It's unfortunate that we have to laden this bereaved family with politics at a time when they need our love and comfort. This shows how much we have to do to sanitize the politics in this country," one NUP councillor who preferred anonymity said. 

Another Muslim mourner lauded Speaker Among for being a voice and a quick pain-killer to community problems. 

"The likes of Mufumbiro were busy lamenting, but the Speaker today came here and offered solutions to our problem. She has promised to give a job to our brother's widow and now she has given us Shs100m for the construction of Muslim headquarters. This is a dream come true for us," the mourner said.A statement from Bugweri Chiefdom apologizing to the Speaker image widget

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