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Speaker Among

Absentee MPs sidelined from Parliamentary Activities

by Max Pat
posted onNovember 22, 2023

Absentee Members of Parliament will not participate in parliamentary activities, Speaker Anita Among has revealed. 

During Plenary sitting on Wednesday, Among reechoed her earlier stance on punishing absentee MPs especially the opposition legislators who have deliberately absconded from plenary, citing unresolved concerns of alleged missing supporters. 

The Speaker said absentee will not take part in Parliamentary activities including foreign trips. 

"Only Members who are formally granted leave of absence will continue to exercise their rights in Committees and partake of the benefits such as travel abroad," Among said.

"Members who are absent from the House without authorisation should stay away from Parliamentary Committees."

Among added that "An absentee Member will not be eligible for any Parliamentary Activity, including but not limited to Meetings, trips, conferences and East African Community Inter-Parliamentary Games."

The forthcoming East African Community Inter-Parliamentary Games are slated for 7th – 18th December 2023 in Kigali, Rwanda. 

"This being a Parliamentary activity, Members who have chosen to absent themselves from the House shall not participate," she said.

Among urged MPs who will participate in the games to harness the value of the games in deepening inter-parliamentary diplomacy and portraying a befitting image of the  country.

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