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Gen Kainerugaba Launches Monthly Bulungi Bwansi

posted onMarch 26, 2023

It was a beautiful chilly Sunday morning in Entebbe town, and residents were waking up to clear their surroundings. Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba, the Senior Presidential Advisor for Special Operations, also to join in the general cleaning activities that he said will be happening every last Saturday of each month.

Gen Kainerugaba began sweeping the streets while engaging the residents in friendly conversations.

Muhoozi kainerugaba
Gen Kainerugaba is greeted by school children that joined the activities 

The locals were amazed at his down-to-earth personality and were grateful for his efforts. Gen Muhoozi inspired them to work harder and volunteer their time towards keeping their environment clean.

The General noted that Uganda is blessed to be one of the most beautiful countries and as such should be maintained through regular cleaning and planting of trees.

He added that a clean body and environment ensures healthy lifestyles for the people.

Although the launch was made on Sunday, the General said the subsequent activities should happen every Saturday to reserve the Sunday for God.

Gen MK thanked the residents for turning up in large numbers despite being a Sunday.

Less than two weeks ago, the former CLF tweeted urging Ugandans to embrace General cleaning activities for a safe environment.

Muhoozi kainerugaba

"I propose to the entire MK Movement that we set aside a day every month for community work. I propose it's the last Sunday of the month. From 10.00am to midday. We shall clean our villages, towns and cities on that day. I will do my part on Sunday 26th of March," Gen Kainerugaba tweeted on March 15.

As the cleaning activities progressed on Sunday, the town was buzzing with energy as people came out of their houses to participate in the cleaning activities. Gen Muhoozi continued to lead by example, picking up a broom and sweeping the streets.

Gen Kainerugaba was accompanied by members of the MK Movement including Balaam Barugahara, Michael Mawanda and area leaders led by the Mayor of Entebbe among others.

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