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Pius Bigirimana

COVID-19: Museveni Lauds PS Bigirimana for the Shs5m Donation

by KP
posted onApril 20, 2020

President Yoweri Museveni on Sunday evening lauded the contribution of Pius Bigirimana, the Permanent Secretary to the Judiciary.

Bigirimana is among the few prominent public servants who have generously contributed in terms of donations in the fight against COVID-19 pandemic. The former Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Gender contributed Shs5m to the cause.

While reading out of benefactors during his routine televised addresses on Sunday, President Museveni in a special way recognized Bigirimana’s donation and even diverted off his script to remind the country about Bigirimana who is considered a champion in fighting corruption in government especially when he was the PS at the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM).

In every address, Museveni reads out companies and individuals who have contributed through donations to combat COVID-19. On Sunday, he read out hundreds of benefactors and among them was Pius Bigirimana. “Pius Bigirimana… 5 million shillings,” Museveni said, before pausing and emphasized, “You remember our Pius Bigirimana? Our Bigirimana.”

Bigirimana has served Uganda in different capacities but shot to limelight in 2013 when he braved humiliation engineered by a corrupt cabal of government officials when he exposed unscrupulous officers in the top institutions. At that time, he worked as the Permanent Secretary in the office of the Prime Minister (OPM). Bigirimana boldly volunteered evidence incriminating the principal accountant Godfrey Kazinda his cohorts in Finance Ministry and Bank of Uganda. Kazinda would later be convicted by Court over of corruption.

Whereas he angered many who were beneficiaries of Kazinda’s scheme, President Museveni has never stopped appreciating and praising his efforts towards fighting graft and on many occasions likened him to a pumpkin seed which germinates in every environment.

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