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Bagyenda in BOU vehicle

MPs Query Why Bagyenda Still Possesses Bank of Uganda Security, Vehicle

At all moments, Bagyenda uses the same BoU car to appear before COSASE probe to the surprise of MPs considering that she officially left office in July last year.
posted onJanuary 11, 2019

By Max Patrick Ocaido

Members of Parliament sitting on the Committee on Commissions, Statutory Authorities and State Enterprises (COSASE) have questioned why the former Bank of Uganda executive director in charge of Bank Supervision (EDS), Justine Bagyenda still drives the Central Bank’s vehicle.

In the February 2018 reshuffle, BoU Governor Emmanuel Mutebile dropped Bagyenda as executive director in charge of Bank Supervision and elevated Tumubweine Twinemanzi to that position amidst her controversial role in the collapse of Crane Bank.

However, since then, Bagyenda has reportedly continued to use BoU vehicle Land Cruiser Prado Reg No UAR 382Y which should have been returned to the Bank upon handover of office. 

At all moments, Bagyenda uses the same BoU car to appear before COSASE probe to the surprise of MPs considering that she officially left office in July last year.

This prompted Kasilo County MP Elijah Okupa on Friday to raise a concern before the COSASE as to why Bagyenda still uses drives BoU car despite not being a staff.

The current EDS Tumubweine Twinemanzi declined to comment on the matter saying he was not in charge of that docket. This compelled COSASE Vice chairperson Anita Among to summon the executive director in charge of Administration to explain these circumstances why Bagyenda still enjoys privileges including security despite being a non-staff.

“Ms Bagyenda retired in July last year and as soon she retired, she was stripped off all the privileges. However when COSASE started and governor requested her to appear before this committee, she told him that there was security threat on her and that she needed a BoU vehicle and security,” said Dr. Jan Tibamwenda, Acting Executive Director, Administration.

He added that the governor allowed her to retain the car, bodyguard and other security officers up to end of December to facilitate the smooth process of COSASE probe.

“The vehicle picks her from residence to Parliament then back to her home and it goes back to BoU. We did not want a situation where she would fail to come to COSASE because of transport issues,” he said, adding the BoU board advised that privileges to Bagyenda be extended to June 2019.

This did not go well with MPs who questioned why Bagyenda would be facilitated to appear before the probe and subsequently sought for a detailed report on the cost implication since the probe started, saying that former BoU staff are not entitled to any privileges.

Even after retirement, Bagyenda also still possesses Bou security including her bodyguard Juliet Adikorit who is also implicated for flouting security measures to sneak out documents through the emergency doors. 


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