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amama mbabazi

Museveni and Mbabazi - bouncing back from Illness.

posted onJune 14, 2023

My grandfather used to say: Baana'bangye kuribushesheera ehi butashesheera, am'manzi namafuura garyahemuuka! (On that day when the sun shines where it is not supposed to,  Kings and their Generals will fall short! ) 

It feels (or is it fills?!)  me with great pride that in these often uncertain times,  many of us can still spare time to pray and commensurate with our beloved Mzee Yoweri Tibuhaburwa Museveni mwene Kaguta owa' Basiita ba Mpororo as he gallantly, assuredly and confidently battles the Covid19 disease. That he will emerge triumphant is not in doubt.