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Speaker Anita Among

Police Commences Probe on Speaker’s Assassination Threats

by KP
posted onSeptember 13, 2022

Uganda Police Force has commenced investigations on terror threats against the Speaker of Parliament, Anita Among.

Police Spokesperson, SP Fred Enanga in a statement said that the Special Investigations Division, in Kireka is now actively investigating the allegations.

“As you are all aware, the position of Speaker of Parliament is an important position, in, the country. Therefore, any risks threats or attacks against the Rt. Hon. Speaker, can lead to enormous consequences. The team of CID experts from SID, in close coordination with other intelligence, investigative and operational teams, from sister agencies are investigating the extent of the threats. They are also working with the office of the Rt. Hon. Speaker to identify the source of the threats directed towards her,” Enanga said.

Last week, Speaker Among took to the floor of Parliament to raise an issue of security threat on her life saying some people are trailing her motor vehicle with intent to assassinate her.

"I have got a report, I have only shared this with the leader of opposition but I can now officially tell you. I have got an assassination report, wanting to assassinate me," Among said.

Enanga says that the Speaker’s security detail is now being monitored by the Directorate of Counter Terrorism to ensure the all-round bodyguards, stay vigilant at all levels. “We have also notified the Parliamentary Police Unit to remain vigilant when operating in and around the Parliamentary facilities,” he said.

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