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World Humanitarian Day: Prince V's Charity Visits Karamoja

posted onAugust 20, 2022

As the world celebrated World Humanitarian Day, Prince V's Charity, a brainchild of Vianey Sserubambula aka Prince V -- went to Karamoja to donate foodstuffs to kids in the region.

The charity celebrated the occasion under the theme 'it takes a village to support people in crisis'.

The organisation mainly donated maize flour and other items like clothes and shoes. They worked with village leaders to facilitate the smooth flow of the event.

According to Prince V, they chose to do an outreach in this region because it has "to show solidarity due to the current hunger crisis" following a long dry spell that has hindered crop growth.

The scorched gardens and pastures mean limited or no food for both humans and their animals. Yet, cattle keeping provides the main livelihood.

The strong heat wave has terminated torrents of water that gurgled from Mt Moroto, turning the valley of life it coursed through into a shallow sand bed and killer of aquatic life. And crops in gardens are sterile when sorghum should be fast-maturing this season. 

"We thank all those who have endeavored to buy our charity promotional items, for they have helped us raise funds to run the charity," said Prince V.

"Africans we should stop waiting for foreign aid all the time and start to help ourselves by coming together with the little we have and improve livelihoods. We shall continue to support Karamoja with the food donation as they have been doing since last year."

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