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President Museveni Never Stopped me from Tweeting - Gen Kainerugaba

posted onJuly 29, 2022

The Senior Presidential Advisor for Special Operations and Commander Land Forces of the UPDF, Lt Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba has described reports that he was stopped from Tweeting as a fabrication by those who fear him and his young supporters.

"President Museveni never stopped me from tweeting. That is a fabrication by people who are scared of us. And by 'Us' I mean the young people of this country i.e. 'New Uganda," Gen Kainerugaba tweeted Thursday evening.

About a month ago, Daily Monitor newspaper, citing anonymous sources published a front page story purporting that President Museveni had stopped Gen Kainerugaba from Tweeting about security matters.

This is the first time since the rumours first spread that the General has spoken out about them although he had sent out several other tweets before. He for instance tweeted about a recent meeting with counterterrorism experts he held with experts in the Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates recently, among others.

Relatedly, Gen Kainerugaba said that he doesn't need anyone to make him great, citing his reliance on Jesus.

"I want to inform everybody that I, Muhoozi Kainerugaba, do NOT need anybody on this earth to make me great! I am great because I am a Christian and Jesus Christ loves me!!!" Gen Kainerugaba tweeted separately.

Gen Kainerugaba who has hinted at hostility towards younger military officers in the UPDF by those he describes as elders also congratulated Rwanda's President Paul Kagame's son Ian Kagame who is close to completing a military course at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in the UK where he undertook the same course over 20 years ago.

"Let me congratulate my young brother, officer cadet Ian Kagame on almost completing the very gruelling course at Sandhurst. Unlike the elders we found in the military when we graduated, our generation welcomes all young people," Gen Kainerugaba said in another Tweet Thursday evening.

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