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Singer Chaka Chaka being received in Uganda on Monday. Courtesy photo

Singer Chaka Chaka Deported for Flouting Immigration Rules- Police

posted onDecember 31, 2019

By Fred Kiva

South African  Musician Yvonne Chaka Chaka was on Tuesday deported by Ugandan authorities for flouting the country’s immigration rules, the police have explained.

Police Spokesperson Fred Enanga says Chaka Chaka, real name Yvonne Machaka was deported by the immigration authorities in collaboration with security after realization that she had been granted an ordinary visa yet she had come to perform.

“She had been granted an ordinary visa which was canceled by the immigration authorities after it was realized she had come as a performing artist in one of the New Year’s events,” Enanga said.

He added that the artiste was advised together with her promoters to apply for a working visa for her music performance. “The ordinary visa cannot enable her to perform in any income-generating activity within the country,” he added saying “this was done to maintain the integrity of our immigration rules for all visitors to our country, including musicians.”

Chaka Chaka was slated to perform at Buganda Kingdom’s end of year show, popularly known as Enkuuka Y’Omwaka. She arrived in the country on Monday and was doing her final music rehearsal at the time the immigration authorities together with the police stopped her on Tuesday morning.

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