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AMISOM Force Commander, Lt. Gen. TigabuYilma Wondimhunegn (Centre) tours Bariire Town. DPU photo

AMISOM Force Commander Visits Recently Captured Bariire Town

posted onJune 17, 2019

By Kampala Post Reporter

SOMALIA.The AMISOM Force Commander, Lt. Gen. TigabuYilma Wondimhunegn on Monday visited the AMISOM and the Somali National Army (SNA) troops in the recently captured town of Bariire.

The Force Commander was on an inspection tour of the newly established Forward Operating Base, constructed by AMISOM and to check the readiness of SNA and AMISOM troops deployed in the area since the flash out of Alshabaab from the town about three months ago.

The recently captured territory by a combined force of UPDF under AMISOM and SNA had become a business hub for Alshabaab where they collected taxes and abducted recruits into their ranks and files to sustain their campaign against the Somali Federal Government and AMISOM.

While meeting commanders and troops on ground, the Force Commander emphasized that troops should provide security to the local population. "Cultivate the spirit of cooperation with local leaders, organizations and the local population in order to create an enabling environment for peace and stability in Bariire town. The people of Bariire have had enough of Alshabaab forced rule and their time of liberation has come," Gen Tigabu said.

Meanwhile in his address to the troops, Sector One Contingent Commander Brig Michael Kabango, who accompanied the Force Commander thanked the peace keepers and SNA soldiers for the job well done. He however, advised them to keep vigilant and focus on the enemy activities and plans in order to deny any enemy element from regrouping and causing mayhem to the people of Bariire or own troops.

"The work of liberating Bariire is majorly done but the enemy is not completely annihilated, keep alert and vigilant and never allow Alshabaab to again make any attempt of disturbing the freedom of the people of Bariire and Somalia as a country," Brig Kabango emphasized.

Bariire town located in the Lower Shabelle region of Somalia remained under the firm control of Alshabaab until recently when a combined force of SNA and AMISOM flashed them out, inflicting heavy losses on both personnel and equipment. The terrorists abandoned their bases allowing AMISOM forces and SNA to establish a permanent base and add it to the already big swath of territory captured from Alshabaab extremists.

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