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The new food grade delivery bags being displayed at the event.

SafeBoda riders rewarded for services offered during Covid-19

posted onNovember 22, 2020

SafeBoda and Coca-Cola Beverages Africa on Saturday rewarded SafeBoda riders who have done an exceptional job in the delivery of essential goods, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The SafeBodas were given special recognition at the inaugural Coca-Cola Egabudde Festival where they were codenamed ‘Food and Shop Champions’.

The SafeBoda Food and Shop Champions were commended for consistently showing that they could be relied upon to provide high quality service and safe, hygienic deliveries.

“In line with our Covid-19 commitment to uphold safety and health our community, through this partnership we want to provide a safe way to deliver both food and products to our clients. And as an exclusive partner with SafeBoda kitchen, this is a crucial initiative for public safety. Creating a safe and hygienic environment for our product delivery is key,” said Newton Lee Ogong, Special Events and Promotion Manager, Coca-Cola Beverages Africa.

“These are food-grade delivery bags and a consignment of just over 800 bags have so far been received with the target of 2000,” he added.

The event was an opportunity to not only celebrate and reward their hard work, but engage the drivers on what SafeBoda is doing to create an environment where riders feel appreciated and supported to improve their service delivery and continue to join SB Food/Shop champions and take more orders.

In addition to co-hosting the event with SafeBoda, Coca-Cola also sponsored delivery bags for the drivers.

The bags they have donated will help solve the problems of spillage and ensure that food is delivered at optimum temperatures thus improving health and safety for our customers.

“Coca-Cola was our first partner for Safeboda Shop and has supported the launch and growth of our delivery product enormously through the Covid-19 period. We look forward to continued partnership with Coca-Cola - as a key distributor of their products, strategic partner in the market and key sponsor to help us fulfil our mission of empowering local communities to thrive through our business,” said Francesca Hine, VP Food and Shop, Safeboda.

On the importance of this partnership for SafeBodas, Operations Verticals Manager, Moses Musinguzi, said: “The Operations team has been waiting for this moment and we are so excited about this Coca-Cola - SafeBoda partnership because we believe that with these delivery bags, we are cementing our strong brand in the delivery market space too.

"We have been known for offering safer rides and for having top-notch quality drivers. We believe that drivers will now transport food with convenience and ease because they are well facilitated with these bags.”

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