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President Yoweri Museveni and Janet Museveni at the event

President Museveni Applauds NRM MPs on Value Addition

posted onMay 30, 2023

President Yoweri Museveni has commended the National Resistance Movement (NRM) Parliamentary caucus members on value addition. He noted that the NRM MPs had concurred with him that value addition should be implemented because it benefits all Ugandans. 

The President made the remarks on Tuesday during the ongoing 10-day NRM Parliamentary Caucus retreat at the National Leadership Institute (NALI) in Kyankwanzi. The retreat is running under the theme 'Increasing Household Incomes and Wealth Creation: The Critical Role of the Leader'. 

“How much money does Uganda lose in exporting unprocessed Coffee? That should be the question,” President Museveni said. “I am happy to hear that now you agree with me that value addition is a minimum position for all of us; for me and you. Once we have good roads and electricity in place, all other sectors will follow, but let’s start with power and electricity.” 

President Museveni further urged the MPs to always prioritize key sectors in budget allocation saying that once key sectors like roads and electricity are worked on, the rest of the areas can also be worked on. “In NRA, we learnt what we call Okusosowaza,” President Museveni asserted.

The President also agreed with the legislators that in case of any issues mostly about the Presidential proposals, the NRM Parliamentary Caucus will sit with him in a caucus and resolve the matters amicably.  “Once we have an urgent issue, we call the caucus, meet, discuss and agree, I totally agree,” he said.    

About the district roads, President Museveni agreed with the legislators that each district should receive one billion shillings for murram roads saying that the roads boost development.  “These murram roads are good if they are worked on and drained well,” he said.

On district hospitals, President Museveni proposed that Health centers IIIs and IVs be empowered with doctors as those facilities are the first areas for the management of various diseases. He also rooted for prevention methods right from the unborn babies through attendance of antenatal clinics, immunization among others rather than treatment.

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