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Corruption Scandal Hits NUP opposition party

NUP Flagbearers Stranded as Corruption Scandal Hits Opposition Party

by KP
posted onDecember 23, 2020

Flagbearers of the National Unity Platform (NUP) are stranded over lack of finances to facilitate their campaigns as promised by their party presidential flagbearer Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine. 

During the times of party Primaries and nomination, Bobi Wine pledged to fully facilitate NUP flagbearers by paying for them nomination fee to the Independent Electoral Commission for both Parliamentary and all local government seats. 

Whereas NUP fully paid nomination fee for all their flagbearers, campaign money that Bobi Wine promised them has not been released with only about 20days left to the January 14th general elections. 

According to inside sources, facilitation for NUP flagbearers has not been processed following a huge alleged corruption scandal where over $10m foreign donation has been swindled by top NUP officials. 
Apparently, part of the money was to facilitate all the Party activities ahead of the 2021 elections as each of flag bearer was expected to bag atleast Shs20m for the campaigns. 

According to records, EC nominated 4,955 NUP candidates as flagbearers for all elective positions with 182 for directly elected MP seat and 60 woman MP contestants and 47 district chairpersons. 

Other sources say that whereas the bigger chuck of money has been swindled, some of the money has been frozen in Bank accounts by government following non-compliance with the Anti-money laundering Act and Parliamentary Elections Act and the Presidential Elections Act which bars candidates contesting for presidential and parliamentary positions to obtain funding from foreign countries or institutions. 

In most parts of the country especially in Sebei, Teso, Bugisu and Busoga, NUP flagbearers have started defecting to other political parties citing lack of transparency, honesty and trust among party leadership. They say Bobi Wine promised them heaven on earth and has failed to live to his word by giving them campaign money. 

In Busia alone, 325 NUP supporters including flagbearers for Samia Bugwe North and Samia Bugwe South constituencies have all crossed to NRM. In Sebei, top regional NUP mobilizers also crossed to the ruling party while the same defections happened in the districts of Kumi, Amuria, Namayingo, Kamuli etc. 

Also in Bunyoro region, NUP flagbearer for Hoima East MP race Jackson Atugonza Jackson and flagbearer for Hoima woman MP Rachael Ainebyoona are among those who have officially crossed to NRM.


Last month, this website exclusively reported how top opposition politicians have reportedly been funded by foreigners to a tune of $10m (over Shs37bn) to facilitate them in the forthcoming general elections. 

It is alleged that, for the last 6months, 10million dollars were transported into Uganda at different intervals through various border points.
Impeccable sources told this website that the foreigners first sent in the country $1.2m and the second batch was $3m. Another $2.5m was later sent and the last batch was $3.3m.

The source of the money is reportedly from opposition politicians in foreign countries. The source of this money has been traced from countries like Kenya, Ghana, South Africa, USA and Ugandans in the Diaspora among others. It is said that South African based politician Julius Malema, the president of the Economic Freedom Fighters is among those bankrolling Ugandan opposition. It is alleged that Ugandan opposition received $30,000 from Malema while Bobi Wine's good friend, Babu Owino of Orange Democratic Movement in Kenya also sent in some unspecified amounts of money. 

However, the same source has informed us that whereas the opposition received up to $10m to facilitate their campaigns, the money has reportedly been swindled leaving the NUP flagbearers in tears with no money to finance their scientific campaigns. 

On the other hand, NRM has started financing their party flagbearers, according to NRM Secretary General Justine Kasule Lumumba. NRM flagbearers for directly elected MP seats are slated to get Shs40m while Woman MPs will get Shs50m. 


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