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President Museveni and Gen Tumwine

President Museveni Salutes Gen Tumwine's Resilience

posted onAugust 29, 2022

President Yoweri Museveni has described former security minister Gen Elly Tumwine as a resilient person who didn't abandon the bush war struggle even after being badly injured.

The president led mourners at Kololo Ceremonial Grounds to pay tribute to Gen Tumwine who died of lung cancer.

Mr Museveni said that after losing his eye, Tumwine could have stayed away from the war but he came back. The commander in chief also acknowledged other soldiers of the same character like Gen Salim Saleh who endured bullet wounds but kept on fighting.

Gen Museveni saluted Tumwine's contribution saying that it was God who manifested his works through the fallen officer. He added that people insulting Tumwine are wasting their time because he has accomplished so much.

According to earlier information shared by Mr Museveni, Gen Tumwine joined FRONASA with 9000 others in 1979, went to Monduli Military School in Tanzania and was the one who fired the first shot on the 6th February 1981, at Kabamba, at the beginning of the 1981-1986 war of Resistance. 

Since that time, Gen. Tumwine has been part of the leadership of the NRA- UPDF as well as serving the government in various capacities, Museveni said.

Those capacities included being army commander, member of the High Command, director general of Intelligence, and Minister of Security, among others. 

Gen Tumwine will be buried Tuesday at his country home in Kazo District.

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