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MPs want Construction of Akii-Bua Stadium Prioritized

MPs want Construction of Akii-Bua Stadium Prioritized

by Max Pat
posted onJanuary 17, 2024

Construction of Akii-Bua Stadium as one of the arenas to support the 2027 Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) games should be prioritized.

Legislators on the Budget Committee made this demand as they received the report of the Committee on Education and Sports on the Budget Framework Paper for the sector ministry on Tuesday, 16 January 2024

The Chairperson of the Committee on Education and Sports, Hon. John Ntamuhiira in his presentation said that the Ministry of Finance should commit additional funding of Shs100 billion to National Council of Sports to facilitate construction of Akii-Bua Stadium in Lira and Buhinga Stadium in Kabarole.

“The committee was informed that after failure by government to secure a grant from the Republic of China to construct the two regional stadia, there is need for government to secure funding for their construction,” Ntamuhiira said.

According to the PAMOJA bid where Uganda will co-host the Africa Cup of Nations tournament in 2027 with Kenya and Tanzania, Akii-Bua Stadium is listed as one of the stadiums to host the games.

FUFA Stadium in Hoima City is another stadium that will host 2027 AFCON games following a presidential directive for its construction for the tournament, to boost Namboole and Nakivubo Stadiums in Kampala.

Hon. Paul Omara (Indep., Otuke County) raised concern that the proposed Akii-Bua Stadium has not been given priority in the budget.

“I want us to have it equivocally decided here that in your proposed budget, Akii-Bua and Hoima will come as stadiums that will be built for AFCON 2027, not relegated as something and we shall insist on it,” Omara said.

Hon. Maxwell Akora (UPC, Maruzi County) raised concern about the cost for construction of the 15,000 seater Hoima Stadium estimated at Shs380 billion compared to the 30,000 seater Akii-Bua stadium estimated Shs180 billion.

“Can you see the anomaly, the inflation? The North has always been marginalized and they used the name Akii-Bua because it sells, to win the PAMOJA bid and after that, they changed their mind. There is a big uproar in Lango, Acholi and West Nile about this decision of government,” Akora said.

The Education Committee also recommends that a  provision of Shs110 billion for the construction of 11 training grounds for the 2027 AFCON games, be made.

Ntamuhiira also recommended additional funding of Shs114 billion to cater for commitment fees under the PAMOJA bid.
“This is necessary for Uganda’s fulfilment of requirements by Confederation of African Football (CAF), to avoid revocation of the AFCON bid,” he added.




(Source: Parliament) 

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