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Karamoja: UPDF Soldiers Gun Down Local Council Leader in Night Operation

‘Usalama Kwa Wote’ loosely translated as ‘Peace for All’ aims at the total restoration of peace and security in the Karamoja sub-region.
posted onApril 15, 2022

The Vice-chairman LCIII of Napumpum sub-county in Kotido District Longoli Aped was Thursday night killed by UPDF soldiers.

In a Friday morning tweet, the Land Forces Director of Information Lt Col Chris Magezi said the local council leader was gunned down while "leading a cattle raid into Napak District."

He added: "Some of the local leaders in Karamoja are the biggest cattle rustlers. Longoli Aped is one of those who have been condemning UPDF for not doing enough to stop cattle rustling in Karamoja during the day, and then leading cattle raids at night."

In July of 2021, joint security forces launched operation 'Usalama Kwa Wote' against illegal guns and ammunition in the Karamoja sub-region.

‘Usalama Kwa Wote’ loosely translated as ‘Peace for All’ aims at the total restoration of peace and security in the Karamoja sub-region.

Commanded by Brig Gen Joseph Balikudembe, according to UPDF records, the first phase of the operation in July last year recovered 105 guns and 7,726 animals. The animals were handed over to the owners,  while about 350 suspects were convicted and sentenced.

The Commander of Land Forces of the UPDF Lt Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba this month traveled to Karamoja for the second time since October of last year and received two guns that were taken from UPDF soldiers who were murdered in cold blood by the Turkana criminals.

On March 26, the CLF warned the Turkana criminals against their actions following the death of two UPDF Soldiers and a team of Ugandan geologists.

"As Land Forces, we are giving an ultimatum to the Turkana! They were partly responsible for the death of my soldiers (and our geologists) a few days ago! If they do not leave Uganda immediately they will get what they are looking for! We have warned them!" Gen Kainerugaba said in a tweet.

On April 6, Uganda and Kenya signed an agreement aimed at addressing security threats and facilitating joint responses in managing threats. 

“This strategic engagement is a culmination of the strategic vision of their excellencies the presidents of Uganda and Kenya who implored us to fast track this framework in areas of general interest for the security of both Uganda and Kenya,” said Uganda’s Minister of Defence and Veteran Affairs Vincent Bamulangaki at the signing of the agreement. 

According to Lt Col Magezi, "the armed criminal enterprise in Karamoja is steadily being neutralized."

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