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IGG Orders Arrest of UNBS ED, Ebiru over Bribery

IGG Orders Arrest of UNBS ED Ebiru over Bribery

by Max Pat
posted onJuly 25, 2023

The Inspectorate of Government has ordered for the immediate arrest of the Executive Director of Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) over corruption allegations.

In a warrant of arrest issued by the Deputy IGG, Anna Twinomugisha Muhairwe on 21 July 2023, the Police has been directed to arrest Ebiru and have him brought to the IGG.

This comes after Ebiru snubbed fresh summons on July 21 to appear before the Ombudsman.

"Ebiru was ordered to appear before IGG on 21st July 2023 at 2.00 pm and subsequent days to testify what he knew and or to furnish information in relation to the above stated inquiry, and the said Livingstone Ebiru has not appeared according to the summons issued in that regard...," reads the statement from IGG. 

Last week, Ebiru shocked the COSASE, a Parliamentary accountability Committee that is scrutinising the Auditor General's report, when he admitted to giving Shs100million bribe to the UNBS Board so that his contract of service is not terminated. 

A few days later, he reportedly withdrew the same statement before the Committee, claiming the statement was made in anger and high animosity between him and the Board. 

"I wish to formally submit to withdraw that statement because I took note that it offended many people & it was quoted out of context. So the issue of offering my chairman Shs100m for protection as reported, I want to withdraw it formally, because I know it was recorded but I want to confirm that it was out of the environment we were operating in, high tempers, high animosity so it was really not intended to harm anybody," Ebiru said.

The Minister of Trade, Francis Mwebesa has since suspended Ebiru for six months to pave way for investigations into allegations of bribery allegations and other corruption tendencies. 

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