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Gen Kainerugaba receiving the Land Forces Uniform from former CLF Lt Gen Peter Elwelu

Gen Kainerugaba Lists Top Priorities After Taking Over as CLF

posted onJuly 1, 2021

The Senior Presidential Advisor for Special Operations Lt Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba outlined four key areas that he will put more emphasis on as commander of the UPDF Land Forces.

Gen Kainerugaba Thursday took over office from Maj Gen Peter Elwelu who was elevated to deputy Chief of Defence Forces in the UPDF.

Muhoozi kainerugaba
Gen Kainerugaba (L) seated next to the CDF and other senior UPDF Officers

Speaking at the handover/takeover ceremony held at the Land Forces headquarters in Bombo, Gen Kainerugaba said that President Museveni, who is also the Commander-in-Chief, has tasked the new leadership to focus on four key areas.

“The commander in chief has guided this new team to focus on enhancing combat capabilities, addressing the welfare deficit of the troops by improving accommodation and living standards, ensuring the health of our officers especially in these challenging times and above all intensify political education,” Lt Gen Muhoozi said.

Muhoozi kainerugaba
Gen Kainerugaba said he will focus on soldiers' welfare among other things

The new CLF thanked the president for an opportunity to serve and saluted the many predecessors who have built the UPDF in a period spanning over 40 years.

“I want to thank our great leader for the tremendous honor of leading our great land forces. I want to thank our many predecessors who built the land forces into what it is today. As we take on this task, we remember all those great commanders and officers who were here before us. We will always look to our predecessors for inspiration and more importantly -- guidance,” Gen Muhoozi said.

Muhoozi kainerugaba
Gen Kainerugaba speaks after taking over as CLF

Gen Kainerugaba said that much as the threats might have changed, the UPDF goal of defending Uganda remains the same.

“The threats might have changed but the goal of defending the independence and sovereignty of our motherland remains the same and the work starts now,” he said.

"This new team shall endeavor to build the capabilities of the land forces to meet those threats and succeed." 

Gen Kainerugaba pledged to work closely with other officers and services to advance the main goal of protecting Uganda.

Muhoozi kainerugaba and kyanda
Gen Kainerugaba with Joint Chief of Staff Maj Gen Leopold Kyanda

Speaking at the same function, Maj Gen Elwelu, who was elevated to Deputy Chief of Defence Forces, said he will always be available to give guidance to the new land forces commander.

“I wish you the best in your new endeavors. We shall always be together as we work for our country and the mighty UPDF,” he said.

The newly appointed Chief of Defence Forces, Gen Wilson Mbadi, reminded the new commanders that the journey has just started.

Muhoozi kainerugaba
Gen Kainerugaba says he will work with everybody to achieve the UPDF goal of security in Uganda

“All leadership comes from God who works through people. He this time worked through our commander in chief. You have no choice but to accept the responsibility from God. Your good deeds have been rewarded by the new appointments and you should live up to the expectations of the appointing authority,” Gen Mbadi said.

“The land forces make the bulk of our mighty force and I warn you this is an additional responsibility to steer this ship to another level.”

Muhoozi kainerugaba
Gen Kainerugaba explained that threats to Uganda have changed but the goal to defend Uganda is the same 


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