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Henry Mayega

Freedom House Report was Mendacious

posted onMarch 24, 2023

By Amb Henry Mayega

An opposition leaning daily of March 13, 2023 published an article titled “Uganda still not free” apparently quoting the report from the US-based Freedom House (FH) in which the 
organization accuses the Yoweri Museveni administration of violating human rights and civil liberties.

The report from the hare-brained-dregs of FH nefariously argued that Uganda is still not a “free country,” but they, fortunately, stumbled on 
the truth by saying that we have improved; they then shot down their own argument by insinuating that we are still stuck in the same rut.

Their tool kit applied to guage the 
pulse and pace of respecting human rights since 2009; gave them inaccurate results; they ought to have extrapolated their study period back to 1986 in order to appreciate the 
human rights journey travelled so far. 

The blemished report, elsewhere, said that the country had consistently been ranked not free since 2009 because of 
trampling “civil liberties” and “political rights” including a 
sordid suggestion of discrimination and lack of representation of “LGBT+” - sodomy in Uganda’s political space.

It brazenly cited amongst other assertions; disappearances, arrests of protesters – call them rioters 
through use of “excessive force” as well as NRM’s domination of the political space.

Firstly, this column has always rapidly argued that Uganda is 
a sovereign State that requires not lectures most especially 
from the west whose intrusive overtures through “donor aid” 
we will resist to the hilt. Relatedly, there is no universal 
definition of human rights -or values across the globe; what might be a human right carpeting the west may not be in a majority of African countries including Uganda. And, 
therefore, those who arrogate themselves the locus standi to 
prescribe their “rights” or values for others must fool nobody but themselves.

The UN has, for instance, said that access to the internet is a 
human right; which this column understands was a cunning 
way, by the west, of unfurling incorrigible and unnatural 
values outside our codes to, especially, the gullible young 
folks – most of which are repugnant in Uganda.

Secondly, after stumbling on the naked truth, FH, which is a 
non-profit extra-government organization and founded in 
October 1941, grudgingly admitted that the country had 
made remarkable strides in the political space.

This column can comfortably say that, Uganda, after smarting out of the insecurities of the 1970s and 1980s, holds predictable and 
regular general elections every five years; parties worth their 
name tags sell their manifestos to the electorate. The Yoweri 
Museveni administration has always democratically emerged 
winner with huge majorities in parliament and local councils 
hence dominating the political space the same way democrats are in the US currently.

Thirdly, the most whimsical in the pile of accusations against 
the administration is in connection with sodomy – FH and 
others in the west have lustrated those who indulge in 
sodomy, LGBT+. FH indicted Uganda of severe discrimination 
and lack of representation of that decadent group in the 
political space. The state is of course aware of the huge cash 
injections through the NGO world purposed to promote 
sodomy as well as using “development assistance” to cajole 
and pancake small countries into accepting the vice; the most 
such recent bizarre coercion against Uganda came from 
Belgium’s Minister of Development and cooperation, Caroline Gennez, who while visiting said “Belgium…will not tolerate any restrictions on inclusiveness..,” adding in 
support of their honourees that “criminalising LGBT+ is 
unacceptable to us.”

The other day the Qataris successfully resisted western pressure that sought permitting the 
“abasiyazzi” parade during the world cup games in Doha – 
Uganda’s Parliament may borrow a leaf.

Snce 1986, the Yoweri Museveni administration has created a number of bodies to prosper respect for Uganda’s version of human rights.

In place, we have the Uganda Human Rights Commission – created in 2009, the UPDF’s directorate of human rights and the UPF’s directorate of human rights and legal services; those organs of state have 
been instrumental building blocks for cementing security personnel/civilian population relations unknown to FH.

FH, most likely, has not heard of those tools and are therefore can’t make sense of their commendable work.

Lastly but not least, one’s enjoyment of rights is not mutually exclusive; Uganda’s protesters, who have habitually turned riotous; the NUP goons, who, during the last electoral cycle violated our codes, had an obligation towards others; so 
when the situation turneds tumultuous, security forces had 
undeniably an obligation to protect the law-abiding by forcefully subduing those criminal elements, arrest and bundle them out of the vicinity in drones – not limousines or 
should they have been carried on bicycles. Violent suspects can neither choose how they should be arrested nor determine how they should be removed from the scene of crime.

Ambassador Henry Mayega
Consul General
Uganda Consulate
Dubai, UAE

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