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Former Uganda Revenue Authority Employee Convicted of Corruption

Ex-Uganda Revenue Authority Employee Admits Guilt in Corruption Case

Kanzira was arrested on August 4, 2023, after he solicited for Shs10 million from a taxpayer, Isaac Byaruhanga.
posted onJanuary 31, 2024

The High Court in Kampala handed down a conviction to Roggers Kanzira, a former short-term employee of the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA), on charges of corruption and abuse of office. Kanzira, who was 35 years old and worked in the URA's rental office, entered a voluntary guilty plea and sought a plea bargain with Justice Lawrence Gidudu. This legal maneuver took place during a court session on Monday.

Kanzira was arrested on August 4, 2023, after he solicited for Shs10 million from a taxpayer, Isaac Byaruhanga. URA prosecution team told the court that the taxpayer, who had been issued with a rental tax assessment of Shs1 billion, met with Kanzira to destroy the tax assessment report. “After several court sessions and presenting all the implicating evidence, Kanzira agreed that indeed he had solicited for the bribe and requested for a plea bargain,” said the URA legal team.

After signing the plea bargain agreement, His Lord Gidudu fined Kanzira Shs8 million for both charges, which he paid and got released. The High Court also ruled that Kanzira will not hold any public office for the next 10 years after conviction based on section 46 of the Anti-Corruption Act. Section 46 of the Anti-Corruption Act states that “A person who is convicted of corruption and or abuse of office shall be disqualified from holding a public office for ten years from his or her conviction.”

According to Uganda’s Judiciary, Plea bargaining is a negotiated agreement between the prosecution and an accused person who is represented by a lawyer. The accused person then comes before the Judge to plead guilty to the charges against him/her in exchange for a lesser sentence without going through a full trial.

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