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13 Winners of Best Farmers Competition Set to Fly to Netherlands for Transformative Learning

posted onMay 29, 2023

dfcu Bank flagged off thirteen farmers who emerged as winners in the 2019 cohort Best Farmers competition. In collaboration with Vision Group, KLM Airlines, Koudijs, the Netherlands Embassy and dfcu Bank, the prestigious Best Farmers awards are held to recognize and reward exceptional Ugandan farmers for their outstanding farming skills.

The Best Farmers competition, an annual event organized by dfcu Bank and its partners, has become a flagship program in the agricultural sector. It aims to encourage and reward farmers who demonstrate exceptional farming expertise, highlighting their remarkable contributions to the development of Uganda's agricultural landscape.

The competition has garnered national recognition and has helped identify and showcase exemplary farmers who have implemented innovative practices and achieved remarkable success. Agriculture is the backbone of Uganda's economy, employing a significant portion of the population and contributing a substantial share to the country's GDP.

Recognizing the vital role of farmers in driving economic growth and food security, dfcu Bank has been actively implementing various programs and initiatives to empower farmers across the country. As part of the prize for the Best Farmers winners, the organizers of the Best Farmers Awards were awarded a learning excursion to the Netherlands in 2020. Unfortunately, due to the unprecedented challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent travel restrictions, the trip had to be postponed.

With the resumption of normal economic activities, 13 winners are now set to embark on their long-awaited journey on June 3, 2023, with a return date of June 9. During their visit to the Netherlands, the winners will have a unique opportunity to explore and gain valuable insights from various farmers, companies, knowledge institutions, processors, and technology developers.

This immersive experience aims to enhance their knowledge and skills in modern farming techniques and sustainable agricultural practices, ultimately empowering them to make significant contributions to Uganda's agricultural sector. In his opening remarks, Jude Kansiime, Head of Marketing dfcu Bank, expressed his enthusiasm for the initiative and started by thanking the winners for their patience.

"We are thrilled to finally offer the winners this invaluable learning experience in the Netherlands, where they will witness firsthand the innovations and best practices that can propel Uganda's agriculture to new heights. The Best Farmers Competition is an impressive showcase for agriculture and the wider agribusiness industry. It is a clear reminder of the important contribution that the Agricultural sector makes to the Ugandan economy," he said.

“As dfcu Bank, we do not take such initiatives for granted because we know it’s for the good of our community. Therefore, we would like to encourage the winners to make the best out of this trip. Take notes and build relationships. We want you to know that this trip is not only about travelling, but it’s also the knowledge that you are going the acquire. And as long as you have what it takes to move the sector to the next level, dfcu Bank will always be a willing partner to support you along this journey.”

dfcu Bank's commitment to agriculture extends beyond the Best Farmers competition. The Bank has implemented various programs and initiatives to support farmers at every stage of their journey. This includes providing accessible financial solutions, offering specialized training programs, and fostering partnerships with agricultural stakeholders and development organizations. One such initiative is dfcu Bank's strategic partnerships with Agribusiness Development Centre (ADC) and other stakeholders to drive sustainable change in the sector.

These collaborations aim to address challenges such as access to finance, technology adoption, and market linkages, enabling farmers to unlock their full potential and contribute to the country's economic growth.

Don Wanyama, Vision Group CEO, expressed gratitude to the partners and sponsors of the initiative for their unwavering support as they flagged off the exceptional farmers from the 2019 cohort. Wanyama also commended the judges for their integral role in assessing and determining the winners, emphasizing the competition's integrity and independence. “We have gathered here today to celebrate the remarkable achievements of the best farmers in the agricultural sector," stated Joost Van Ettro, Deputy Ambassador of the Netherlands to Uganda, during the flag-off event. "In the Netherlands, we firmly believe that farming is not just a way of life but a business that creates wealth. The future of prosperity lies in the hands of our dedicated farmers, and it is through their hard work and innovation that we can unlock greater success."

dfcu Bank remains committed to supporting the agricultural sector through various initiatives, including access to financing, capacity-building programs, and strategic partnerships. The Best Farmers competition is just one of the many ways in which dfcu Bank aims to empower farmers and promote sustainable agriculture in Uganda.

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