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Brig Gen Bob Ogiki

Understand Uniqueness of Your Operational Area - Brig Ogiki Tells Land Forces

posted onAugust 18, 2021

Understand Uniqueness of Your Operational Environment- Brig Ogiki Tells Land Forces.

The Chief of Staff Land Forces Brig Gen Bob Ogiki has urged land force soldiers to understand the uniqueness of their operational area in order to excel at their work.

Speaking to soldiers at the UPDF 1st Division headquarters, Brig Ogiki said the Land Forces should understand the difference between their working environment which he said is ambiguous and volatile compared to other services such as air force or marines.

Bob Ogiki
Brig Gen Bob Ogiki speaking to the soldiers

"Understanding your area of operation will make you a better soldier and you will do your work of protecting Uganda and Africa as required," Brig Ogiki said.

The Chief of Staff Land Forces was delivering a lecture of opportunity to the soldiers on behalf of the Commander Land Forces Lt Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba who was unable to attend the function due to other engagements.

The officers and men of the 15th Battalion of 305 Brigade at the 1st Division Hq Kakiri in Wakiso District are undergoing a one month Cadreship Development Course.

Brig Ogiki encouraged the soldiers to embrace training in order to meet the current technical demands. 

"The main reason for training is change in technology and change of tactics by our enemies," Brig Ogiki said adding that training is also a welfare issue as it comes with ideological but also career progression.

During his inaugural address as Commander Land Forces, Gen Kainerugaba said that the main tasks at hand were building capabilities of the UPDF Land Forces, ideological orientation and improved welfare of the soldiers.

“The commander in chief has guided this new team to focus on enhancing combat capabilities, addressing the welfare deficit of the troops by improving accommodation and living standards, ensuring the health of our officers especially in these challenging times and above all intensify political education,” Lt Gen Muhoozi said.

The students listening to the Chief of Staff Land Forces Brig Ogiki

Meanwhile Brig Ogiki challenged the soldiers to maintain conscious discipline rather than the forced one.

"You should have conscious discipline, do good when nobody is watching. If you don't, forceful discipline comes in and that means integrity is lacking," Brig Ogiki noted.

He also encouraged the soldiers to take care of their physical and medical health if they are to achieve their objective of service to the country.

"I encourage those who have not been vaccinated against COVID-19 to get all the two jabs so that we can subdue this virus. There's also HIV/AIDS which has killed more soldiers than those killed by our enemies. Avoid it and in case you get, seek treatment," Brig Ogiki said.

The function was attention by the 1st division commander Maj Gen Sam Kawagga and his deputy Brig Gen Julius Biryabarema among other senior and junior officers.

Maj Gen Sam Kawagga, the 1st division commander was also present


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