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Led by Robert Mukiza, the Director General of UIA, the campaign is designed to facilitate and safeguard investments within the country.

UIA Launches Campaign to Drive Investment and Industrial Growth

posted onApril 2, 2024

The Uganda Investment Authority (UIA) initiated a bold strategy to enhance Uganda’s economic development and push forward its industrialization efforts. Led by Robert Mukiza, the Director General of UIA, the campaign is designed to facilitate and safeguard investments within the country.

This initiative is in line with President Yoweri Museveni’s directive to establish no less than 25 operational industrial parks by 2026. Mukiza stated that the campaign’s objective is to accelerate the government’s industrialization goals, promote import substitution, boost exports, and establish Uganda as the top investment destination in East Africa—a status confirmed at the Annual Investment Awards in Abu Dhabi in 2023.

“We are dedicated to offering prompt assistance to both local and international investors, helping them take full advantage of Uganda’s investment incentives, including access to land in industrial parks,” highlighted Mukiza.

Mukiza detailed the UIA’s coordinated efforts with major governmental agencies, such as the Uganda Revenue Authority and the Uganda Registration Services Bureau, to streamline investor services. The initiative aims to swiftly address any challenges investors might face, ensuring smooth and efficient business operations.

To directly tackle any arising issues, Mukiza committed to personally visiting investors in industrial parks to swiftly identify and rectify any problems. Additionally, he announced a 24-hour hotline for investors to report issues or request support, promising quick resolutions within seven days.

Mukiza called on investors to explore the extensive land available in industrial parks across the country, emphasizing the support for local Ugandan projects. He noted the terms for land development, including specific timelines for the phases of development, construction, and installation of machinery. Non-compliance with these conditions will lead to the revocation of land allocation, which will be made public.

Mukiza also addressed the importance of integrity, warning against fraudulent land sales and underlining the importance of protecting the President’s vision for industrialization. He reassured that all UIA services are free and accessible through the One Stop Center, emphasizing the campaign’s role in creating a favorable investment climate, propelling sustainable economic growth, and advancing Uganda’s global economic standing.

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