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Teacher Naphtali Avaga requires neurosurgery. Courtesy photo

St Mary’s College Kisubi Teacher Needs Sh80M for Neurosurgery after Brain Hemorrhage

posted onOctober 13, 2019

By Fred Kiva

St Mary’s College Kisubi has launched a campaign to raise eighty million shillings for treatment of the school teacher, Naphtali Wanok Avaga.

Avaga recently suffered brain hemorrhage and requires neurosurgery in India before December 2019.The school authorities say eighty million shillings is the estimated cost of the treatment. Justus Katatumba the Deputy Head teacher says the fundraising drive started on Saturday during the S1 and S2 parents’ meeting, where over seven million shillings was realized in cash, while over Sh130 Million was in pledges.

“Today S1 and S2 parents collected Seven Million Shillings cash, this is a good beginning. We thank everyone who has contributed towards The Save Avaga Fund,” Mr Katatumba said after the fundraising meeting. Former Mbarara Municipality Medard Bitekyerezo led the fundraising drive.

Parents during "the save Avaga" fundraising meeting on Saturday. Photo by Fred Kiva

The school has also launched a general appeal for support. A Centenary Bank Account has been opened for members of the public to contribute funds. The account number 3202249709 is the name Save Avaga Fund. 0776954999 is the number for those who wish to send in Mobile Money, it’s in the name, Econi Roy “Your kind consideration of this noble cause shall be greatly appreciated. Together we can save Mr. Avaga’s life,” read a note in the Headteacher’s office.

Brain hemorrhage, also called cerebral hemorrhage or hemorrhagic stroke is an emergency condition in which a ruptured blood vessel causes bleeding inside the brain. High blood pressure and trauma are the leading causes.

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