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Victoire Ingabire says members of her FDU-Inkingi party are being deliberately targeted. Courtesy photo

Rwanda Opposition Politician Stabbed to Death

posted onSeptember 24, 2019


Two suspects have been arrested in Rwanda in connection with the killing of a prominent opposition politician.

Rwanda's Investigation Bureau, the agency that deals with crimes, confirmed in a tweet that Syridio Dusabumuremyi was stabbed to death on Monday night. FDU-Inkingi party leader Victoire Ingabire told the BBC that her members were being deliberately targeted.

There have been a spate of abduction and murders of FDU-Inkingi party officials. Ms Ingabire returned from exile in 2010 to take part in presidential elections, but was arrested and barred from standing. She served eight years in jail for "belittling" the 1994 genocide after questioning why Rwanda's official genocide memorial did not remember any of the Hutus who were murdered.

Most of the 800,000 people killed were ethnic Tutsis but Hutu moderates were also slaughtered by the Hutu extremists. She believes the case against her was politically motivated. The FDU-Inkingi leader has been out of jail for a year, but her party has still not been able to register so it cannot officially take part in any elections.

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