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Fred Enanga

Police Spokesperson Fred Enanga, 80 Others to Receive Heroes' Day Medals

by KP
posted onJune 6, 2022

Uganda Police Force spokesperson Fred Enanga will be among the 81 medalists who will be awarded as Uganda celebrates National Heroes' Day on Thursday, 9th June 2022.

According to State Minister for Economic Monitoring Peter Ogwang who was addressing the media at Uganda Media Centre, Enanga will receive a golden Jubilee Medal for his distinguished and exemplary service. 

Before he was appointed police spokesperson, Enanga headed the Economic Crimes Department and worked as CID Commander Kampala Metropolitan Police (KMP), Commandant Land Protection Police Unit, Commissioner CID Administration and Training among others. 

"Enanga demonstrated high professional standards in Criminal Investigations, including large scale Corporate Fraud of 12 billion shillings and Procurement Fraud," Ogwang said. 

Every June 9, 2022, Uganda celebrates Heroes Day to commemorate those who have made exceptional and outstanding contributions locally and globally. 

This year’s Heroes Day Anniversary celebrations will take place at Kololo Ceremonial Grounds and the President, H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni will be the Chief Guest.  

The theme for this year’s celebrations is;Commemorating our Heroes and Heroines: An opportunity to consolidate our efforts in securing Uganda.

Ogwang said that this year will see 81 people awarded with different medal categories. 

"34 Medalists will receive the 50th Anniversary Golden Jubilee Medal; which will be awarded in recognition for their outstanding service and loyalty to the Country while 17 will get Nalubaale Medals for their contribution to the political development of Uganda," Ogwang said. 

18 people will receive Luwero triangle medals which is usually awarded to any officer who joined the armed struggle against dictatorship in Uganda.

Others are 5 Damu Medalists; given to members of the military who were wounded in action or for having died in action during the liberation struggle, all qualify for the Damu Medal.

4 Long Service Gold Police Medalists; to be given to officers with Long Service years that is 30 years plus, with a clean and uninterrupted service to the Force.

2 Long Service Silver Police Medalists; for their long service of 20 years plus, with a clean and uninterrupted service to the Force and 2 honorary medalists who are civilians to be  awarded for showing unwavering support to the police programmes and thus made police operations easier and improved as well as the welfare of officers.

Notable among those to receive medals at the event are;



who donated land to Government in 2018 for building Mabere Health Centre III in Sheema District. He pays  tuition fees for many children and has been supporting Rweicumu Primary School in Sheema with scholastic materials for the candidate classes for the last four years. He has continuously enrolled orphaned and needy children in schools where he can support and monitor them.


Is the Executive Secretary for Lango Cultural Foundation, and the Executive Director for Land and Equity Management Uganda (LEMU). She has written several publications like; Land Matters in Displacement; The importance of land rights in Acholi land and what threatens them (2004). Land rights and displacement in Northern Uganda in humanitarian exchange magazine (34), ODI (2006), falling between two stools; how women’s rights to land are lost between state and customary law-lessons from Apac District, Northern Uganda in Englert and Daley (EDS) women’s land rights & privatization in eastern Africa (James curry, 2008).

Mr. O’Lalobo Tom (NALUBAALE) 

A former airline pilot flying a DC-19 Aircraft who made it possible to build a strong base to fight dictatorship. He became one of the first five members of Kikosi Maalum, FRONASA and others in exile who later captured Kampala after Moshi Conference. He flew a DC airplane that had a tyre pressure problem at landing in Arusha from Kilimanjaro with a group UNLA/F.

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