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Fred Enanga

Police Reveals Cost of Acquiring Firearm Permit, Hiring Its other Services

posted onApril 5, 2023

Police released fees for some of its services as it eyes boosting its contribution to the national treasury. According to SCP Fred Enanga, the police spokesperson, Uganda Police Force (UPF) is projected to collect Shs30 billion in the 2022/2023 Financial Year.

The projected revenue is to be collected from the services, the law enforcement agency provides as approved sources of revenue. These include guard and escort duties, gun licences, Certificate of Good Conduct, band engagement, fingerprinting, security screening, test firing, dog sweeping, police reports, ballistic report, naturalisation and registration, express penalty scheme, traffic accident report, custody fees and police canteen rental fees.

Others are applications for renewal of firearms certificate, gun rental fees, training in civilian firearms handling, action fees, tender board fees, hire of police helicopters, hire of police boats, training of other private security companies, permit to purchase firearms, by both private security companies and individuals, motor vehicle verification, hire of the police mega tent and application for renewal of operators licences by private security companies.

For instance, to open a private security company, you are required to pay Shs200,000. A private company needs Shs200,000 to get an application form to import or acquire firearms. Individuals pay Shs50,000 for the same certificate if they want to acquire the firearm. If you want to be an arms dealer, you pay Shs200,000 for the certificate. A permit to acquire a firearm costs Shs1 million.

Police charges Shs120,000 to hire its boats and Shs7 million for its mega tents which can accommodate over 1000 people. During the presentation of the Ministerial Policy Statement for the FY 2023/2024 to the Committee on Defence and Internal Affairs on March 29, the police was tasked to popularise the approved sources of revenue, collected as Non-Tax Revenue (NTR). The funds are centrally collected and deposited to the consolidate account and appropriated for Government operations. 

See more services here.

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