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Police Busts Another Violent Criminal Gang in Mityana

posted onApril 13, 2022

Police in Wamala region busted a crime syndicate that has violently been robbing, and terrorizing citizens majorly targeting motorists that deal in the transportation of produce, CID Spokesperson ASP Charles Twiine said in a Tuesday statement.

According to the statement, from December 2021 to date, the region has witnessed a spate of various robberies along Mubende Kampala Highway by some gang of criminals disguising to be either police officers or army officers on lawful duties.

Some of the robberies that have been reported are as follows:

Mityana CRB 054/2022 Reported as Aggravated Robbery: Jan 23 at 1:00am at Bamunanika village along Mubende Kampala Highway a gang of thugs disguised in army uniform, armed with a toy gun, pangas, clubs, hammers, and using a fake police stop checkpoint signpost stopped and robbed the occupants of motor vehicle Reg. Number UBG 709G Fusso was loaded with 80 bags of maize grains that were destined for Kampala, Shs1.2 million and phones from all the occupants. The driver, one Lubega Richard and the other three occupants were severely beaten to a pulp, tied with ropes, and dumped in a forest 2km away from the scene.

The robbed truck was later found abandoned in Mukono with only 40 bags on it after getting involved in a motor accident. The scene of the accident was visited by Mukono traffic officers who later identified that the motor vehicle was reported and black listed in the system as stolen from Mityana.

With the help of detectives from Mityana, the team discovered from the area members of the public, that the track had sold some maize to one of the businessmen in the area, and went ahead to identify the store.

Police inevitably arrested the owner of the store and discovered the maize, and on interrogation, the owner revealed the person who connected him to the sellers who were later identified as Ssemuwemba Ibrahim, aged 37 years, resident of Busega Rubaga Division in Kampala District;  Lwassampijja Ignatius, 29, resident of Gombe village in Mityana Municipality; Hakim Davidaged, 24, LC1 chairman of Mirembe Kaweesa village in Kasanda District; Ddamulira Emmanuelaged, 30, resident of Wabigalo in Mityana Municipality; Ssegayi Kimbowa Emmanuel, 25, a mechanic of Mizigo in Mityana District; and Kayiira Ronald, 32, resident of Mirembe-Kaweesa in Kasanda District.

All the above suspects were arrested, search conducted from their homes and several items of evidential value recovered from their respective areas of residence.

The suspects, who are pending charges of aggravated robbery, also revealed their participation in other robberies as follows;

Mityana CRB 194/2022: On March 8, at the same point, using the similar method robbed a track registered under UBH 231E loaded with 95 bags of maize. Occupants, Isabilye Alex and Wako Christopher, were tied, stabbed severely, and dumped behind the cabin before they were driven off and dumped in the bush. The vehicle was later found the next day along Busunju Road where it had got involved in an accident.

Mityana CRB 044/2022: On Jan 20, at the same point, using similar method they robbed a track registered under UBK522S Canter loaded with 68 bags of maize grains. The driver Njaana Muhereza David and his turn man Tumwesigye Kenneth were severely cut to a comma, robbed of their phones, and money, and left helpless at the scene.

The suspects were pursued by the police patrol, and they abandoned the stolen motor vehicle at Butega along Mityana- Butambala Road with all the maize intact.

Mityana CRB 278/2022: Ssegayi Kimbowa Emmanuel, disguising as a passenger, boarded a bodaboda ridden by a one Ssabwe Keneth to take him to Bamunika at around 10pm. Upon reaching Bamunanika, Ssambwe was hit with a hammer and his motorcycle registration number UFA 333B Bajaj oxer and Shs66,000 were robbed and he was left unconscious. Ssabwe is admitted to Mityana with hopes of recovering fully.
Police Cautions.

Police has advised motorists to plan their journeys early and transport their produce preferably during the day or early evening hours not to create an opportunity for the criminals that often target at night.

"Businessmen are also cautioned not to buy the produce from persons that seem not to be known clients for the risk to be charged with relevant crimes. Lodge owners and their managers are instructed to strictly profile all their clients and asked to report any person they suspect may be planning or already involved in any criminal activity to the nearby police station," reads the statement. 

"Our profile indicates that most of the suspects had earlier been charged to Court, and either served and completed the sentence or have jumped Court Bail. Police will therefore engage Court and meticulously reveal the character of these criminal gangs and the extent to which they are a danger to society, and probably request for an expeditious hearing of their cases."

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