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Janet Museveni

New Bill Proposes 10year Jail for Culprits of Exam Malpractice

by KP
posted onSeptember 17, 2020

Minister of Education and Sports, First Lady Janet Museveni wants culprits of examination malpractice to be jailed for 10 years or pay a fine of Shs20m.

This is the latest measure being spearheaded by the Ministry of Education in a bid to curb rampant exam malpractice which has of late rocked most parts of the country. The Ministry has drafted the Uganda National Examination Amendment (UNEB) Bill 2020 that is processed by Parliament’s Education Committee.

The UNEB Amendment Bill that was tabled in May this year spells out tough punishment for examination malpractice. The Bill under Section 26 intends to punish those who give an examination paper, information or examination material or any other material to a candidate or to any other person without lawful authority. The bill will also punish those alter the work, data, information, score or marks of a candidate, alter the examination number, photograph or other identification of a candidate among others.

According to the proposed bill, persons who commit the above offences are liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding one thousand currency points (Shs20Million) or to a term of imprisonment not exceeding ten years, or both.

The UNEB Amendment Bill seeks to repeal and replace the Uganda National Examinations Board Act. Cap 137 which was enacted in 1983, noting that since 1983, Uganda's education system has undergone a number of reforms ranging from legal, institutional and policy framework coupled with the socio- economic changes which have affected the operations of the Examinations Board and implementation of the Act.

Janet Museveni says that the penalties in the Act are weak and therefore need enhancement to make them more meaningful and deterrent to match the objectives of the regulatory framework.

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