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MK Movement Groups Merged Ahead of National Congress

posted onJuly 11, 2023

Yesterday, the Central Committee of the MK Movement convened for a crucial meeting, known as "The Plenum," chaired by Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba. During the gathering, several significant decisions were made, including the merging of all MK movement groups and the establishment of a Central Commission for Discipline.

However, one of the most noteworthy outcome of the meeting was the unanimous agreement to hold a National Congress in Uganda next year, as stated by Andrew Mwenda, the MK Movement spokesman.

The National Congress is expected to bring together MK movement supporters from all corners of Uganda, providing a platform to discuss the future direction of the movement and strategize for the nation's development.

The National Congress will serve as a platform for delegates to engage in fruitful dialogue, exchanging ideas and formulating policies that align with the principles of the MK Movement. It will offer an opportunity for all individuals associated with the movement to actively participate, contributing their perspectives and shaping the movement's agenda.

With the goal of ensuring coordinated activities and effective communication, the Central Committee announced the merger of all MK movement groups. The amalgamation includes groups such as Team MK, Original MK army, Team Chairman, MK AGOJIE, MK Women's League, MK Avengers, and MK Army. The consolidation aims to foster unity and synergy among different factions within the movement.

Additionally, the Central Commission for Discipline has been established, with Hon. Michael Mawanda appointed as its chairperson. Hon. Lillian Aber and Michael Nuwagira, popularly known as Toyota, were also named as members of the commission. Their primary responsibility will be to maintain discipline and ensure adherence to the movement's principles and values.

The meeting was attended by Central Committee members of the MK Movement, including Michael Nuwagira, Michael Mawanda, Andrew Mwenda, Muhoozi Kainerugaba, David Kabanda, Balamu Barugahara, and Michael Katungi. Their presence signifies the high level of commitment and enthusiasm within the movement's ranks.

As the MK Movement looks towards the future, the decision to hold a National Congress demonstrates its determination to actively engage with the wider Ugandan population. The movement envisions a "New Deal for Uganda," as stated by Andrew Mwenda, the MK movement spokesperson.

As preparations for the National Congress commence, expectations and excitement among MK movement supporters are mounting. The congress promises to be a momentous occasion, marking a crucial milestone in the movement's journey towards shaping Uganda's future.

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