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State minister for Economic Monitoring, Peter Ogwang

Minister Ogwang Heads to Busoga to Crack down Corrupt Civil Servants

by KP
posted onOctober 16, 2021

State Minister for Economic Monitoring has declared a crackdown campaign for corrupt civil servants in Busoga sub region. Ogwang will starting Monday 18th October to 30th October pitch camp in Busoga sub region where he will monitor and oversee the implementation of all Policies, Programs and Projects in both Central and Local Governments.

While addressing the media at his office on Saturday, Ogwang acknowledged that whereas Government has done a lot in coming up with programs and projects aimed at improving the lives of people and stimulating economic growth and development, a few people are silently frustrating these efforts by stealing all the resources entrusted to implement projects that would stimulate economic growth and create employment for thousands of Ugandans.

“Since I joined this Ministry four months ago, I resolved to launch a crackdown campaign on civil servants who abuse their responsibilities of serving people and resort to diverting all the money entrusted to them by virtue of their employment placements both in the Central Government and Local Government. This impunity must stop immediately and all those in the above described habit need to stand forewarned that they will face regrettable consequences for their acts,” Ogwang said.

Ogwang launched his countrywide monitoring campaign in Bunyoro sub region and observed that corruption, abuse of office and mismanagement of public funds among civil servants in the Local Government was still the order of the day. He confirmed that during his field visits, he recorded shocking findings of corruption and that some culprits have been brought to book.

“At least 50 civil servants are under investigations in the respective districts of Bunyoro for cases regarding corruption, mismanagement of public funds and abuse of office in as far as implementation of government projects is concerned,” he said.

Without delving into details, Ogwang said that a comprehensive report about his findings will be presented and discussed in cabinet.

“After our monitoring camp in Busoga and Bugisu, I will be making a statement to cabinet on what our observations are and what we think needs to be done to address service delivery concerns to the Citizenry,” he said. While in Busoga, Ogwang will visit all the districts in the sub region and is expected to visit and monitor all the projects especially non-performing and mismanaged projects.

“I am putting the civil servants from Busoga on notice. If you have been doing good work then you will be my friend, but if you know you have been involved in eating public funds then please resign before I come there because it is not going to be business as usual if you are found culpable. I want to find a clean House! If you fall short of the parameters, you will be answerable in accordance with the Law,” Ogwang warned.

He urged members of the Public to volunteer information to ease the fight against corruption and hold those tarnishing the image of Government accountable.

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