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Sheebah Karungi and Anne Kansiime at the launch

Introducing Take Me Back and KanSeeMe, the New TV Series on Pearl Magic Prime

MutiChoice in the last month has launched other three new TV series, namely: Urban life, Juniors Drama Club and Wakaliwood.
posted onJanuary 16, 2023

Multichoice Uganda rolled out two new reality TV shows -- Take Me Back and KanSeeMe -- as it continues to strengthen its local content basket.

Take Me Back had premiered a week earlier, on January 8, but KanSeeMe was screened for the first time on Sunday at an event held at Forest Cottages, Bukoto in Kampala.

Take Me Back looks at societal issues like love issues and friendships, while KanSeeMe is basically about Comedian Anne Kansiime's day-to-day life.

The shows air Pearl Magic Prime on both DStv and GOtv, with Take Me Back running on every Sunday at 8:00 pm and 8:30pm on Pearl Magic Prime, Channel 148 on DStv, and channel 305 on GOtv. 

Rinaldi Jamugisa, the PR and Communications manager of MultiChoice Uganda, said at the launch: “As part of our hyper-local strategy, we aim to deliver world-class entertainment created by Africans for Africa that is relatable, based on societal and cultural nuances that bring us together, and give us an identity.”

He added: “We continue to invest in bringing content that adds value to our viewers, enriching their lives with stories that resonate with their day-to-day lives, through new and refreshing content and that is family-friendly.”

Collins Bareija Magezi, also known as The Romantic Mukiga, hosts Take Me Back.

Mukiga, who also goes by Emeka, said: “We live in a broken society that needs healing, and with Take Me Back, people with past hurt get to reconcile with their lovers, friends, and family and I thank MultiChoice for the platform to broadcast this and show what’s possible for people looking to reconcile.”

Kansiime said: “Culture and society have for so long driven us by the notion to keep our lives secret for different reasons... With support from my family, we started on the journey to open up ourselves, our lives, the ups and downs, hurts, joys we experience, and it has been quite a tough yet very fulfilling journey to see what the show has turned out to be in the episodes we have shot so far.”

She added: “I wish to express my gratitude to MultiChoice Uganda for the opportunity to tell my story, boldy through Pearl Magic Prime.”

The Local content manager of MultiChoice Uganda Brian Mulondo said: “Take Me Back and Kanseeme are expected to be viewer’s favorites as they bring the rawness of what life is about while speaking into what we all go through or at least witness those around us experiencing.”

He added: “Anne and Emeka are definitely talented creatives with whom we are proud to work to bring exciting and thrilling content to viewer’s screens this year, in addition to others we have commissioned in the last few years.”

MutiChoice in the last month has launched other three new TV series, namely: Urban life, Juniors Drama Club and Wakaliwood.

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