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Ian kagame

Ian Kagame Joins Rwanda's Equivalent of UPDF's SFC

posted onJanuary 16, 2023

One of President Paul Kagame's sons, Ian has been deployed in the Republican Guard, the equivalent of UPDF's Special Forces Command.

The Republican Guard is responsible for the security of the Head of State among other special deployments and duties.

2nd Lt Ian Kagame officially joined the Rwandan army on November 04, 2022 after graduating from the Royal Military Academy in Sandhurst, UK. He was commissioned together with others at the Gako military base in Bugesera District by the Rwandan president.

Photos from an event at the Kigali Convention Center on Sunday show Ian Kagame on duty ahead of the arrival of his father.

The newly commissioned soldier is seen in a well fitting black suit and white shirt as well as wearing communication equipment as he was among the soldiers who guarded the Head of State in a ceremony where religious people and churches joined the Leaders for a prayer meeting.

During the prayer breakfast, President Paul Kagame urged leaders to carry the burden of responsibility while leading people.

He was addressing government officials, private sector leaders, diplomats, and senior religious leaders, among others, at the 28th annual National Prayer Breakfast held at Kigali Convention Centre.

The prayer breakfast, an annual event that seeks to instill Godly values in leadership, was held under the theme: “Patriotism, a cornerstone for sustainable development.”

The Rwandan Head of State reminded leaders that all people are equal regardless of whichever positions they hold. Emphasising the importance of humility, he said they are just a “small element on a small planet within a vast universe."

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