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dennis katungi

Hon Kyagulanyi's CNN Interview Was a Non Starter

In reality, Uganda has posted consistent economic and population growth since 1986. At 6-7% GDP growth per annum for the last 25 years, the country’s stock of wealth has grown from USD 1.5bn to the current USD 35bn
posted onDecember 11, 2020

By Dennis Katungi

I watched CNN’s Christiane Amanpour’s interview with the Hon Robert Kyagulanyi. I shuddered at the unashamed deceit by the MP.  Does he really think the world believes his blatant lies? Does fiction get him on to another level of support and earn him respect? To make matters worse, the normally respected Journalist Christiane Amanpour seemed to confirm President Donald Trump’s tagline of ‘fake news CNN’. She exhibited lop-sidedness in the way she mis-probed MP Kyagulanyi and failed the objectivity test of presenting the other side of the coin.  Did she seek to balance her interview and fail to get a comment from other actors? Obviously not.  She even showed a lack of grasp of Uganda’s history but repeatedly saying that President Museveni removed Idi Amin in 1986!

 Let’s have a quick look at Hon Kyagulanyi’s lies:

Uganda has had 35 years of stagnation.  In reality, Uganda has posted consistent economic and population growth since 1986. At 6-7% GDP growth per annum for the last 25 years, the country’s stock of wealth has grown from USD 1.5bn to the current USD 35bn.

Young people are yearning for freedom of speech, and would like to be in charge of their destiny - Kyagulanyi says.  Uganda is a free nation and believes in freedom of speech. There’s a variety of quantitative media uncontrolled by the state and available to all. At 367 radio stations, 25 million internet users, hundreds of private broadcast and publishing houses, Uganda is a match to many an African nation.   The Youth’s greatest need is industrialisation and enterprise creation to enhance employment. The fact that Kyagulanyi transited from a ghetto boy to DJ, MP and now Presidential candidate shows that young people are in charge of their destiny. They are upwardly mobile. CNN could do well helping to promote Uganda as the Tourism destination of the world rather than financing workshops and vending homosexuality as an alternative lifestyle for the youths.

Critics of Government and political contenders for the presidency have all gone into exile, are in prison or have been killed, Kyagulanyi lies again. What a travesty! From Kawanga Ssemogerere in 1996 to Kizza Besigye and others in 2016, all the more than 20 contenders who participated in the last 5 cycles of elections have lived happily in Uganda! Can Kyagulanyi name a single political prisoner in exile, dead or alive?

President Museveni only listens to the international community especially the USA.  Far from it, President Museveni is keener on his electorate, regional leaders and respects international leaders. He has been a trailblazer in international diplomacy, peacekeeping and fighting terrorism on the African continent and beyond. He respects the sovereignty of nations. Bilateral and multilateral relations between Uganda and other nations are governed by mutual interest and integrity.  In fact, he stated as soon as he came to power that Uganda was non-aligned in the context of the old cold war politics but would do business on the basis of shared interests and common goals.  He has been an ardent Pan-Africanist and worked hard for the East African federation.

Kyagulanyi said that the elections will not be free or fair, that he is only protesting by participating.  What sort of nonsense is that? –  Participation in an exercise in futility renders the participant hopeless and indicates crass decision making on his part. There are 11 nominated candidates in this election and if the purpose of Kyagulanyi was to protest, there would be no need to run his show. He could easily have stayed home in protest.  Instead, he risks the lives of many people, supporters and passers-by to the infection of the deadly Coronavirus, defying common sense and the guidelines of the Ministry of Health.  Any wonder that the virus is spiralling out of control, courtesy of his recklessness?

His last point that President Museveni is a killer who has ordered mass murder of protesters on the streets should be thrown back to him.  Who is the initiator and instigator of riots on the streets? Is it not the self-styled Ghetto President?  Does Kyagulanyi expect President Museveni and the Security forces to turn a blind eye to the mayhem on Uganda’s streets?  Who was undressing women in yellow, burning Government vehicles, attacking innocent motorists and extorting money?  Hon. Kyagulanyi and those of his ilk, Uganda has a sober, tried and tested leader.  If you expect to cause trouble and get away scot-free, then you have another thing coming.

The well-coordinated and facilitated groups that hit Police with hammers, dug up newly built roads, ferried car tyres and petrol bombs and reigned havoc on Uganda’s peaceful environs are the true enemies of the people and they will continue to face the full force of the law.   Hon Kyagulanyi may court international media and purvey lies, but the people of Uganda will determine their leaders at the ballot box on home ground come January 14th.

Dennis Katungi is Communications & Media Relations Manager – Uganda Media Centre.   @Dennis_Katungi

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