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Sarah Langa

Emulate Sarah Langa's work ethic, Court Civil Division told

According to the judge, "for one to be recognized, it is for doing something out of the ordinary," and, to him, Langa built a “winning team” at the Division.
posted onAugust 27, 2020

As the Court Civil Division said bye-bye to Sarah Langa, who was recently appointed as the new Chief Registrar, the acting Head of the Division Judge Musa Sekaana urged the staff there to emulate her work ethic and integrity. 

According to the judge, "for one to be recognized, it is for doing something out of the ordinary," and, to him, Langa built a “winning team” at the Division.

Justice Sekaana, who was quoted in a statement released by the judiciary, urged Langa to ensure that the person who will replace her at the Division is a person who will uphold the systems she has put in place.

President Museveni recently elevated Sarah Langa Siu from the position of deputy registrar of the Civil Division of the High Court to Chief Registrar (CR) of Courts of Judicature. She replaced Esta Nambayo who has been named a High Court judge.

Speaking at the Wednesday party, Justice Emmanuel Baguma emphasized the importance of building relationships and good working relationships. 

He described the new Chief Registrar as a team player who is very transparent. “...your integrity will live after you. Integrity is a pillar for everything, please keep it up,” he was quoted in the statement.

Judge Baguma said it was a double blessing for the Division to produce a Chief Registrar and to also have Justice Esta Nambayo, the former CR, at the Court. 

Justice Nambayo urged her successor to always consult. 

On the elevation, Justice Nambayo said promotion comes from God and as such, she should go to the new office with confidence because God is behind her. 

Dr. Alex Karocho Mushabe, the acting deputy registrar at the Division, said the new CR has shaped the ethical senses of the Division staff. He said it is difficult to fill her shoes because they are big but the team left behind would try to fill.

Langa thanked the Division for honoring her and described it as a humbling experience. 

During her tenure as Deputy Registrar at the for the Division, more than 8,000 cases had been completed.

Sarah Langa becomes the third female to hold the post of CR in the history of the Judiciary.

Before Nambayo, it was Flavia Senoga Anglin.

The position of the Chief Registrar is one of the top five management positions in the Judiciary after the Chief Justice, Deputy Chief Justice, Principal Judge and the Secretary to Judiciary.

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