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Develop Local Charities and End Exploitative Western NGOs- King Charles N Lambert says as Compassionate Capitalism Economic System launches initiative

posted onDecember 1, 2023

The king of the Black Wall Street (BWS) and leader of Africa’s First Economic War for Economic Independence, King Charles N Lambert has launched an initiative that aims to empower homegrown charities aimed at stopping exploitative western NGOs.
These homegrown charities will be funded through the Compassionate Capitalism Economic system’s charity empowerment initiative that will see selected charities participate in mobilization campaigns using all available Compassionate Capitalism platforms.

On top of that, these selected homegrown charities will receive training and guidance on how to execute charities, on top of receiving a fund of a minimum of $15,000 per quarter.

Speaking to this website, King Charles Lambert explained that the billions of dollars spent by western Non-governmental Organizations (NGOS) to supposedly fight poverty, disease, wars and so forth on the African continent are instead used to spy on Africa and undermine the continent by labeling it as backward and primitive.

“Many western funded organizations solicit funds under the guise of helping ‘poor’ Africans. But billions of dollars are actually spent on tenders given to Western based companies, high salaries for expatriates and false media campaigns about what is actually happening in Africa,” King Charles said.


Many western NGOs in African countries are managed by westerners seeking high paying jobs and people who generally have a paternalistic ‘savior’ complex. Every few years, new western NGOs are launched under the guise of helping Africans who are in desperate need. However, most of these organizations are actually created to fund western interests.

It’s from this basis that King Charles N Lambert through the Compassionate Capitalism Economic system that has launched this campaign to empower African charities.

“If Africa wants to become an economic powerhouse, we have to rethink everything we know and have been told about these western NGOs and focus on our homegrown charities,” King Charles insisted.

Explaining further, King Charles Lambert said Compassionate Capitalism Economic system is designed to make Africa like other developed nations and the key to this is, is effective private sector with profit-focused entities and charities doing their bit to contribute to the development and betterment of the society instead of so much dependence on governments.

“This is why the Compassionate Capitalism movement is leading the movement to empower homegrown charities through the provision of guidance, funding, and overall support to them instead of depending on foreign NGOs who come here to practically make fun of Africa with every little help they give,” he said.


So, if you want to start your own charity or NGO? And have a burning passion for helping people who are in various pressing needs, there is a solution for you to fulfil your dreams risk-free through this platform.

He assured: “Those selected will be confirmed as a Charity Ambassador for Compassionate Capitalism receiving $500 per month salary support and an average of $15,000 every quarter indefinitely (25-plus years contract) to fund your charity ideas.
One will also be able to recruit 4 youth employees who are paid $100 per month by the system to work with you and support your endeavours.”

To qualify, one will participate in one program public mobilization campaign and if they meet the set targets, they can then submit the charity idea for approval and assimilation into the platform for funding.

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