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Bobi Wine on the Spot for Blocking Critics on Twitter

posted onOctober 20, 2022

National Unity Platform President Robert Kyagulanyi also known as Bobi Wine is on the spot for blocking hundreds of Twitter users that have divervent views with the musician turned politician.

Despite calling on his supporters to join the network to promote his agenda and hurl insults at the givernment and its leaders, Mr Kyagulanyi who has been visiting European countries is said to be unable to stomach any opinion that is different from his. This is despite his claim that he is a proponent of freedom of speech and expression.

It is also said the Kiwani singer frowns at every critisism regarding his goofs that end up on social media, meaning he will block anyone that calls him out on his goofs especially those to do with his political stance on homosexuality, neocolonialism and tribalism.


Recently, Kyagulanyi has been campaigning against the East African Crude Oil Pipeline that is set to create thousands of jobs and get Uganda to the next level of development.

This was after a malicious resolution by the European Parliament to discourage Total Energies and other European companies from taking part in the project. Fortunately, the French Energy giant rubbished the EU Parliament demands.


Kyagulanyi who is largely seen as an agent of neocolonisation has been called out by relentless patriotic Ugandans but instead of defending his position, the self confessed marijuana smoker finds solace in the block button.

Hundreds of Twitter users have been posting screenshots showing how they have been blocked by the former ghetto boy who now lives in a plush mansion in the leafy surburb of Buwate in Kira Municipality.

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