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UK Parliament: The House of Disrespectful Lords?

posted onMay 16, 2024

By Azrael Murwani

Earlier this week an unpalatable video made its way through Uganda’s media sphere, depicting a decaying fellow in the UK’s House of Lords, known as Henry Bellingham, babbling about regime change in Uganda.

In the video he is quoted saying, “My Lords, will the Minister not agree that one thing that could make a really big difference to this appalling situation (Uganda’s anti-homosexuality stance) would be a change in regime and free and fair elections?”

Is the NRM now a mourdant organisation hurtling towards history’s oft unflattering heap of once promising African Political Organisations?

posted onApril 16, 2024
“So corruption is the instrument of swarming mediocrity, and you will feel its point everywhere. You will see wives whose husbands have six thousand francs a year, all told, spend more than ten thousand on a dress. You will see officials with a salary of twelve hundred francs buy estates.” – Honoré de Balzac

Why Population Censuses are not a contradiction Christianity or Islam

posted onApril 10, 2024

Fellow Citizens, Today our Muslim faithful celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr. It is a festival marking the end of Ramadan. 

Exactly a month from today, the Uganda Bureau Of Statistics will undertake our once in ten years National Population and Housing Census. This census exercise is important because our government cannot accurately have evidence-based planning, policy formulation, and implementation without it. 


posted onApril 4, 2024

“I would like to announce the sixth National Population and Housing Census (NP&HC) that will start on 10th May, 2024”, President Museveni, said, in a statement last week.

The NP&HC will generate up-dated data and information about Uganda’s population size, distribution and its attendant demographic and socio-economic characteristics. This is the basis for evidence-based planning, policy formulation and implementation, by Government, for impactful service delivery.

OPINION: Among is the most Frugal Speaker in Uganda's History

posted onFebruary 25, 2024
by Max Pat

By Abdul Bulala

The correct context of this false two months allegedly paid out to Speaker Anita Among is that the Speaker and her spouse, like other category of specified public officials in Parliament and Government, are entitled to holiday, which in her case is one month, to a destination of her choice.